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Gloria Estefan: On July live in Milan (Italy)

maggio 22, 2009

On 16 July, at the Festival Latinoamericano, we will have the opportunity to see Gloria Estefan in concert. Sure, is not cheap, about 45 Euro, but I think it is worth admiring live an artist who can hardly see at work in Italy. read more | digg story

The white Coat

maggio 21, 2009

So, it’s true! I was sick! The disease of the ‘I’ll save you “struck me too. read more | digg story

Mariah Carey: fat? yes, but so sexy!!

maggio 19, 2009

mariah shows that a little fat can be sexy on the right person read more | digg story

Diva, mother and woman

maggio 8, 2009

a good lesson of natural beauty from pretty woman! Julia Roberts and his family we have much to learn from a normal Diva.. read more | digg story

Big boops? No thanks, We are british

maggio 7, 2009

Marks & Spencer the favourite underwear store in Uk upset thousands of customers this week by slapping an extra £2 on the price of bras in sizes DD and above. The Sun throw out a campaign with playmate read more | digg story

Italian Prime minister Berlusconi and the Girl

maggio 5, 2009

“She is Berlusconi’s daughter!” I tought when I saw Noemi Letizia “they’ve the same nose!”. But If he went to the birthday party of this young teen ager in Casoria, near Naples, and anything wrog happened why these picture seem to be fake? read more | digg story

heels, brain and pubic hair

maggio 2, 2009

What’s new about heels, brain and pubic hair? In italy the prime minister wife, told newspapers her husband consider female like objects. In the same day a famous Photograph told to a magazine italian women are more beautiful than intelligent. If them likely prefer to dress 12 cm heels theis brain probably would be less […]